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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 20, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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firss we need to et a check of our forecast. meteorollgist steveefertig is here with what we can expect. veey nice yesterday. beauuiful over the eekend with 80s out there and a lot of today weewill see pleety of sun and cooler with the northerly flow. we are not going to see a whole lot out there, so not a whole3 lot of cloud cover. see a llt oo clouds out in the atlantic. that is what we see as we are talkinn with hurricane igor away from the u.s. mainland. it's still bringing the rip currents toward ocean city. otherwise clear skies looking at a partly cloudy start, the 65 degrees at the bus stop and the skies will clear. 65 degrees starting the temperatures and the outtyingg3 areas in the low 60s. 74 degrees by noon. 75 degrees at 6:00 p....after topping at 78 at or 4:000this afternoon. what is happening on the roadways as you head out this morning, let's check in with lauren cooke to see whattis3 %->> reporter: we are deallng with a noik accident i motorcyyt
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anne arundel county. no ppoblems to report on the main lines asswe check on the main lines at interstate 70, cars are moving along fine, no problem whatsoever. outer loop, you're looking at aa 11-minute ride from 795 to 95 with a high average speed of ú% miles hour. it will remain cllar from 95 to in 11 minutes. there you arr looking t an hour. there's no problems to eport on the northeast corridorrfrom belt looking at a 4-minute trip, with hour. thht'ssthe traffic edge report. baltimore's police commissioner says their responss on the ta jedy at john hopkins commendable even though it ended with two people dead and a doctor shot. joel d smith is live at the
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to evaluate the response to 911 and here's in tapes there. >> reporter: even though police said they did a pretty good job. it did end with paul pardus3 killing himself and his mother. theyyare look at thhngs they %-trying to use hindsight to lok back at what happened. some questions remain, did he carry a gun in here in the days ú% ooened fire? they are going to look at thht %-tails as well.hings, using 911 were there signs and any red3 -lags that could have helped this. pardusshaddused an alasin all of his visits and he did have a license for the gun he used, but that permit was innvirginia not to carry a gun in maryland. police continue to evaluate their response in many waas including using the firsthaad responsee the 911 tapes could really help. >> how many shootees?
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>> i don't know anything. we just heard peopll scrramiig room.e're barricaded in the >> rrporter: to put a magge a t magnetometer and to puttthh workforce that would be staffing the magnetometer is not realistic. >> reporter: we talkeddto a hospitals have full scale metal detectors at the entrances. that isn't the cass here at john hopkkns. people are were more eecited than usual, there were more guards on ddty and that was weecomee news. an update on he surgeon hat3 was shot. he was shott n the stomach. the first shot was fired at him after he told pardus about his mother's condition. we now knowwthat he is recovering. he is ii fair condition at this point..3úú%we're live at john hs hospital.ú stay tuned to fox 45 morning
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news for continuing coverage of thissstory. we will talk tt a former fbi agent for the security measures in place aa john hopkins. that is is coming up in our 8:00 hour. thh only stop afttr several offfcers fought tt pull him ff tte child. poliie were called to the home at frederick on friday evening. they found 33 ears old alton ambush suffocating the 19-month-old. officers ppeaded for him to stop but instead he became even more enraged squeezing hhrder. as the child turned blue, they fought to pull him offfthe off3 him. the father was taken to the hospital for evaluation. police have charged him with child abuue and assault. a maryland soldier dies in iraq. this morning friends and family areemourning he loss.
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the department of defense says sergeant john brooner died. officerr ssy he died from a medical condition, not any ú%combat.sustained during he is survived by a wife s ando daughttrs. some students are getting an unnxpected 3 ay weekend. chesapeake high, aad followedde3 mckinsly school is closed due tt a ruppured pipe. the schools have no water. expected to resuue.33 rocckr and composer ffank zappa has be has been %-bronze and several fans were outsideeof the baltimore ibrary for dedication. overwhelmed by thh nummer ofe fans that showed up. >> totally surprised.
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thankkyou so much. >> the statute is a replica of one thaa stands in a public square in ligget lithowania ande toobaltimore as a giff froo fans in that town. some voters prefer o laugh. >> and oh -- my. >> he politians using jokes to and goo and julia are well in the atlantic ocean off the [ quinn ] my name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese...
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>>5:38 on fox 45 early editiin. it's time to get a check of our forecasttsince everyone is getting up and headdng baak o work this week. meteorologist steve fertig is here. good morning, steve. good morning, atrice.
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and a nice day to head back to work. it should be rather dry and quiet. %-check out the hd radar, yyuuae there. whiie we can use a little bit, you won't see any this week. 69 degrees and parrly cloudy, -inds out of the north, 8 miles per hour, the humidity is 79%, and the barometer is rrsing. 69 deggees right now in baltimore, pretty mild tart there and d.c.70. 63 in salisbury and hagerstown is at 64. here is the frontal boundary that has pushed through bringing cooler air today. the cooler air will be with us ttday and tomorroo as we get into the upper 70s. typically we get to 77 egrees ú%is time of year. behind that front we will see warmer air moving in for the mid-week period. the chance as the front ppshess3 through, a couple of showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and wwdnesday. we ill talkkabout the drier air ú% follow. meanwhile hhrricane igor,
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category 1 hhrricane, not much of a threat to us, other than for the next couple of days.sing categgry 1 urricane, means 79-mile-an-hour winds. and usts and julia s further ú%ere's a system coming off of our direccion. -t pottntially could affect the uus. that won't be until latee this week and into next week really. right now 79 degrees for the high today. partly cloudy skies for the eastern shore, the north, breezy butndssout of comfortable wiih the temperattres in the uuper 70s. more of tte same for the central part of the maryland, and a 10-15-mile-an-hour wwnd, making it breezy,,with aanice breeze with 76 degrees for the western part of the state, mostly sunny skies tteree tonight we dropped to 50 degrees during the overnight low. it will be a cooler niiht witt 5-10 miles per hour. over thh next 7 days, a coupll of cool ddys, today and
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tomorrow. 78 bothhdays, which is here we should be. 76 on wednesday with a couule shower or thunderstorm chancee then. look at the temperatures warmer arrives by the way, on wednesday night at 11:09. synchronize watches. 85 on saturday, can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm aad 6 ffr the home opener at m anddt bank stadium when the ravens take on the browns. 76 degrees shoold be around the high temperatuue or rather the temperature at kickoff time. let'sssee what is happennng on the roadways.ú here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. laaren. >> rrporter: thank you, steve. if you are traveling in anna run deal counttywe are dealing with a motorcycle accident at ggen burnie along the southbound lanes of oak mannerrdrive. we're looking at high speeds at many of our other ain lines. as we take a look at llberty road, we are clocking in at 61úr loop. and ccecking and taking a live llok here, you we can see no
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the inner or outer loop lanes. nothing o get in shape here, and we're looking at a quiik 5-minute ride from shawan to the -the jfx there remain clear from 695 ddwntown to east fayette street. if you're traveling through the tunnels 8-minute ride through the harbor tunnel. that's the traffic edgg report. patrice, back to you.3 thank you, auren, and i foo's all new comedy premiers tomorrow. %-for, if you are, then can you, %-our website at and you can win valuable prices. we will take three winnnrs next tuesday. %-gaming console and a campingii prize pack. you can watch all new comedies -n fall here on fox 45. catch the seeson premier of glee
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and the season premier of raising hope. and the running wild
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>>politians are famous for mud %-this ear the creative uices
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>> when it comes to this season's campaign commercials,3 -he best remake of a classic award. >> i will get you my pretty. >> goes to the republican that tried to get nancy pelosi by portraying her as the wicked witch of all. >> hello, my prettyiis, i will saveeyou. >> but he cannt save hhrself from pelosi's opponent. >> gettback, everyone..3 >>thank you for saving us? >> who are you. >> snim johi'mmjohn dennis. >> saying that you -- >> do you feel that way? >> no. >> this season's moss dddbaal ads, feature tattoos, lunchh3 boxes, sneakers, and old people. to going to have to answer >> the baby. >> i'm sorry. i can't do this. and even demmn sheep.3 >> is he what he is telling us
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or is he what he haa become over the years a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> reporter: the the sheee in this case wwre slaughteeed by the republican carlie fioriia. the best horror movie ever made, thattportrayee to his opponnnt as frankenntein. >> you nned spline, a liver for tonight's jail. >> frank enstei!!frankenstein wo negative for you. john is the cleanest andidate for governor of colorado. thhs is an ad hat required thh candidate to make at least ssx wardrobe ccanges. when we say six ardrobe changes, we're not counting the hat. the best shht award goes to this arizona congrrssional candidate. >> conservative christian and a pretty fair shot. approve this message. and i
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>> reporter: they are so macho. >> bet you didn't know that, you know why? they invite parody. >> well, it's true, but it ain't because i made it up. >> repooter: at leasttthis candidate for agriculture commissiooer didn't open fire. >> i'm dale, and i take no prisoners. >> i will kill a maa. i put gun . %-contenders lost but guns don't kill caapaigns,,candidates do. >> give me the republican commissioner and or i will shoot you in the hip. >> reporter: jeanney mosee cnn, new york. coming up laid te later in 5 >> thissis how we humans celebrate it first. >> hey, dad. >> there's my boy. >> the size splitting shoos that are being released on dvd. next the ravens didn't look3 like a suuer bowl contender on
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ú%> good morning, everybody. here is your first look at -ports. this, were you??3 ravens flat out laid an egg yesterday in particular the quurttrback threw a career high 4 interceptions. he was inaccurate and seemed to be uncomfortable all ddy againsú it added up a defeat on the shores of the ohho river. joe flacco throws a slant on 3 and 4. it's picked up y the back man jjnes. day for joe flacco. a very long following the pick, and he makes one guy miss. look at the pursuit after a
5:51 am
later on the drive, 3rd and 6th, farmer has chad ocho cinco wide open in the end zone -ut can't make the outstretch. ú%ke another look, the bengals within iiches of the he zone. bengals and palmer over throws and nothing but green grass in wow! ravens went into the half town 6th, offing the driie second half. flacco finds the rhythm and connects with rookie tied end, and the exx play, flacco finds ú%dd eap, good for 19. ú%vens and business to starr the to cap off of the drive put theú -ass at flacco. derrick mason.ed in the hands of the air or this year. they take the lead 7-6. that was the only good drrve of the game for the ravens.
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hey, thanks. he turns to 22 yards, inside ravens territory, that is flacco's second pick of the game. the ravens defense forred the bengals to punt. and 304 ann 12. appears to bb sacked by ray lewis but they threw a flag. law which is ileeis is called fg palmer. ray is livid, and rightly see. look at the replay. he is to the ground and his leg runs into the farmer, no3 intention tootrip the bengals. very questionable call.3 and nails it right down the center, cincinnati regains the3 lead at 9-7. the 4th quarter ray ice gets to carry. one man to live, chris and maybe theegaae the tackle. 30 yards oo the run. 87 in the game.
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ray rice later on the drive, 3rd and laaco its the endfield range. they come to convert it fromú 38 yards out. the ravens led 10-9. on the finnl kickoff, thhy find a hole as daylight in front of it. josh wilson running down.ú 60 yyrds on the return. position.ith great field on theelay following the returnú terrell suggs keeps pressure on palmer, forces him to throw it tt the grouud, heee comes the laundry again. suggs calls or roughing the passing. apparently the rules of physics do not apply. john ha harbaugh losing the ssd3 line. a bad ddy for flacco gets even ú%rse. brandon johnson swoops in to make the intersection, that is flacco's 3rd kick of the game. beaninbengals up 15-10.
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-aven 7. flacco with accuracy problems all dayy throws it right away.. career highh4 interceptions for flacco, they lose 15-10. ravens drop heir first game of the year and t's the divisional rival. kristen berset has more from the brown stadium. >> reporter: for theefirrt time ii theeteam history, the ravens start the season on thee3 a physically tough ame in new york with the jets and a turn around to come here to fight the division ang else. they were a little sore affer monday's nighttgame but coach harbaugh say they these guyy play wiih the ennrgy. >> what would have been another day, there's no way to measuree they always play with tremendous effort and trrmendous energy. yeah, and maybe we could have pulled ii out at the end.
5:55 am
>> it's a tough one forney. me.on't -- it's a tough one for i don't like going out there and ú%rning the ball over and %eeling responsible. do every week. we are 1-1. ú% have 14 games left. we feel like we have a darn good team. >> the ravees defense has een dominant this season. they have yet to allow a touch down in the first two games o sunday's game they held the beegals to tww fields goals. two penalty fields goals gave them a chance for scoring. 88 lewis i!!nnw ray leeis is net expressing is feelings and he had a rant. >> e put six points on tte dam board is people doing their job. i get tired of wining f quarter backs, but the bottom line if you show a play a year ago and
5:56 am
the quarterback icks the ball, you know, when you finish the3 play, like you toss it. we finnsh the play, terrell can stop it in mid-air and o man, it's time like that. -- it's stuff like thatt but it's so mann rules that take away from the game..3 you know, i get blocked into the plain. %-fell over my feet.but the man it's too much crying from them. you are makinn the big money, on the football field. that's war out there. if ou are going to go at it, go at it hard. but six points were given off of b s and it's embarrassing..3 >> reporter: after two toughú road games to start the season, the ravenn come back to home opener against the clevelann browns. ffom paul bboww stadium, kristen berset from sports unlimited.
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flacco to tie the game. 1 touch down, and yes, the 4 interceptions. his quarterback rating eebarrassing, 28.88 carson didn't light up the raven, only 166 yards but no %-the ravens are 1-5 in the las6 games in cincinnati. they will have to regroup to et ready foo the home opener next sunday agginst theebrowns. i'm bruce cunningham, fox 45 we are looking for ravens fans to send us their photos. go to and click on the community features section.3 gunfire at well renowned john hopkins.ú we talk to a former
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dramatic 911 calls. how many ssots did you hear? >> i was standdng right there and a physician went down. >> the questions the john hopkins community has for ooice just days after a deadly an american hiker, freed after being held captive for a


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